RPQ - The Dragon Lives!

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RPQ - The Dragon Lives!

Postby Frost » Thu May 25, 2017 3:48 pm

Rumors have begun to spread of strange tales. People feel the pull of fate, the twist of the Ta'veren is loose upon the face of the Westlands. A small town, Emond's Field, has been decimated. Word passes around that giant warriors, part man, part beast poured out onto the Village green and began to slaughter. Stranger still, word that an Aes Sedai and Her Warder were there, at that moment, trying to push back against the horde. Why were they there? Just what are the Aes Sedai upto this time? Crossing its path, is news of another horde, somewhere in the North. The great stalwart heroes who stand watch against the Blight tell of a man laying waste the horde, rending the ground beneath their feet and searing their flesh with great gouts of flame.

Truly, Madness grips the land and dark tales float across tables in the tavern. What say you? Does this bother you, where are you when you hear this news?

Some may feel the call to action, others the burden of fear, but all have felt something.

From now until June 30th, write in your best solo or group RP surrounding this confluence of news. Forums will support the longest of the length, but you are welcome to post in other mediums as well or mail them to me directly, for you secretive types.

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